First Term 2024 Fifth Lesson 17 February Chipping

I was up nice and early on Saturday morning for a 05:00 bike ride with my wife Robin and the weather was perfect for riding and golf, nice and cool with no wind. When Neil contacted me, he lives about 30k’s inland and west of the city, to say it was raining I said, “Well it’s beautiful here and a slight sprinkle is forecast but it will be over by 09:00”. Well, on the way to the golf club it started to come down, not the light sprinkle we were expecting, and it continued into the afternoon. To be fair we had a pretty good turnout of youngsters despite the not so great conditions and instead of doing a lesson with the 7 iron we did another chipping lesson so we could be close to the clubhouse in case the heavens really decided to open. Despite the constant rain and thankfully absence of wind, the youngsters chipped very well and it was Niskaya who took the prize money with a great chip

Below we see Niskaya receiving her prize from Neil and videos of Kirana, Niskaya’s youngest sister, and Rocco chipping





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