First Term 2024 Fourth Lesson 10 February Putting

Neil and I always look forward to our Saturday mornings helping the 1st2EIGHTEEN youngsters with their golf. This Saturday was no exception except the weather was not kind to us, the wind howled. After three weeks around the green the plan was for the youngsters to hit 7 irons but with the wind howling we opted for a putting lesson – you can never spend too much time working on your putting. We set up a few holes with alignment sticks and cones with the wind from the side, down wind and into the wind. The idea here was for the youngsters to see how the wind affects the ball on the putting green and to teach them feel. Both classes did really well adjusting the strength of their putts according to the wind direction. The videos below show the youngsters in the first class putting for the prize money, Hudson went first followed by Cooper, Marthinus, Yousef, Maryam and new youngster Zac, unfortunately I didn’t get Rocco on video, he was a bit quick for me. It was Yousef who took the honors with Rocco and Hudson tied second and below the videos you can see them receiving their prizes from Neil


In the second class we had Ana, Daniyaal, Yousef and Connor. Daniyaal and Yousef hadn’t come to 1st2EIGHTEEN this year because of commitments they had had on previous Saturday mornings so being on putting green was a good way for them to start. Like the first class they adapted to the windy conditions well and quickly learned how the wind affects the ball. It was Connor for the second week in a row who won first prize with Daniyaal second. Below we see Yousef, Ana, Daniyaal and Connor putting and Connor and Daniyaal receiving their prizes from Neil



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