First Term 2024 Sixth Lesson 24 February 7 Iron

After two Saturdays of rain and wind we woke up to a beautiful morning and were finally able to get the youngsters hitting 7 irons. The focus was on DnA, Distance and Accuracy, and for some of our youngsters it was the first time they would be hitting a medium iron and without exception they all did pretty well. First of all we went through the set up, grip, alignment, stance, posture and ball position and while we were doing this youngsters started chanting “Hit it, “Hit it, “Hit it” so I had to hit a shot for them. Once we had gone through the set up, grip, alignment, stance, posture and ball position, the youngsters went to their hitting bays and under the watchful eye of Neil and I started hitting golf balls

“Hit it, Hit it, Hit it” was the call, so here we go with me hitting the ball

Below we see Niskaya, Maryam, Marthinus and Rocco in the first class hitting the ball with their 7 irons. It is important to remember that these youngsters are new to golf and these videos were taken during the “Money Round” where each youngster gets one shot and the best two shots are awarded a prize. It was Niskaya and Rocco who won this weeks 7 iron lesson and below the videos you can see them getting their prizes from Neil

In the second class we had Jaiden, Hudson, Daniyaal and Yousef and the four of them hit some great golf shots. It was Hudson who won with Yousef in second place and here we see their shots in the “Money Round” and collecting their prizes from Neil














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