First Term 2024 Seventh and Eighth Lessons, 2nd and 9th of March

On Saturday, 02 March Neil had friends visiting from overseas so I was sailing solo and opted for a second week of hitting 7 irons. I said to the youngsters we’ll have a double prize giving on the 9th which they were very happy with. Running solo I didn’t manage to get any videos or photos of the youngsters but I’d like to congratulate Hudson and Kirana who came first and fourth respectively in their age groups at SA Kids golf on 03 March played at Zimbali. Below are videos of Hudson’s approach and birdie putt on the fourth hole at Zimbali

On Saturday, 09 March we did pitching and introduced the youngsters to the towel drill where you place a towel across your chest and under your armpits. The object of the drill is to keep your arms close to your body and not drop the towel. The youngsters in both classes did exceptionally well and unfortunately again didn’t get any videos, however I did have to demo the drill. Hudson’s Dad, Matt, and Neil took videos which you see below. It was girl power Saturday with Fathima being closest to the pin in the first class and Ana being closest in the second class. Hudson and Zac shared second prize in the first and Hudson, who stayed for the second class, came second



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