Second Term 2024, Third Lesson, 20th of April

Keeping with our DnA philosophy, Distance and Accuracy, Neil and I gave both classes a lesson on what to do when your ball is on the green, marking the ball, repairing pitch marks and reading the green. We started off asking the youngsters to point out the high and low points of the green and which way the green slopes. We also discussed with them the speed of the green, how it is measured with a stimpmeter and how wind and a dirty golf ball can affect putting. The youngsters were given the opportunity to mark the ball and repair pitch marks, we then showed them why it is important to study the line of the putt from all angles and why you should walk down the line of your putt. Neil and I placed four cones about 5 meters from the hole and they all had to putt from each cone so they could see and understand the speed and break of each putt from the different positions

In the second class after everyone had putted from the four cones we had a competition where the youngsters had to putt from a different part of the green so they had had to put what they had learned into practice. It was Dasarah and Ana who walked away with the prizes and who you can see below the receiving their prizes from Neil

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