On the Range with 1st to 18

On Saturday morning we took our first class of Luke, Michael and Andrew to hit medium irons in the nets. The three boys really hit the ball well so we decided to have a shoot out at the end of the class. Neil put out a ring of cones and Luke, Michael and Andrew each had six shots and the youngster who was closest to the middle of the circle won a prize. It was Michael who walked away with first prize and we always encourage the winner to make a short speech. Michael’s speech was, “Thank you to my coaches and fellow competitors”









In our second class the youngsters also hit medium irons in the nets and we noticed Matthew was lifting his target foot and swaying resulting in a loss of spine angle and his head moving off the ball. To help Matthew I crouched down and held his target foot on the ground encouraging him to turn his shoulders and hips which will also generate more power









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