First Term 2024 Second Lesson 27 January Chipping

It was another beautiful Saturday morning for our second lesson of the year and we were privileged to welcome three new youngsters to 1st2EIGHTEEN. As is the norm for our second lesson we did chipping so Neil and I set up some cones and hoops around the holes so the youngsters could focus on DnA – Distance and Accuracy. The youngsters were also given an incentive, R50-00 to anyone who chipped it in for a hole in one and it was Hudson in the second class who walked away with R50-00

Both classes produced some great chips and here we see Marthinus in his first golf lesson and Ana, who had just got back from a wonderful holiday in India, chipping toward the hole. When it came to the “Money Round” it was sisters, Niskaya and Dasarah, who walked away with first and second prize in the first class and Jaiden who won in the second class

Below we see Jaiden with his winning chip and Hudson claiming his “hole in one” prize with Jaiden getting his Winners prize





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