First Term 1st218, 04 February 2023 and Royal Durban Junior Monthly Mug, 05 February 2023

After two weeks on the putting green it was time to move onto the chipping green and learn to chip or play the “bump and run” as some like to call it. To start the lessons I gave an overview and demonstration of how to play the shot and why alignment is so important. We see so many golfers who aim their feet to the target instead of their feet being parallel to the ball to target line. The youngsters played some great shots and Neil and I were very happy with the way the mornings two lessons went. Daniyaal won the nearest the pin in the first lesson and Connor won nearest the pin in the second lesson

Daniyaal and Connor receiving their prizes from Neil

On Sunday, 05 February 2023 Royal Durban Juniors had their first Monthly Mug in 10years and Junior Captain, Connor Thomas, got proceedings under way with a great opening tee shot down the right edge of the fairway. The format was individual stableford which is unusual for a Monthly Mug, the format is normally medal or strokeplay, but being the first Monthly Mug in ten years the committee decided it should be individual stableford. It was wonderful afternoon for the junior golfers albeit extremely hot with a stiff north easterly breeze, however some wonderful scores were recorded with Keegan Horner winning on 37 points and Dian Wilmot 2nd with 34 points. 1st218 had two youngsters enter and they played 9 holes on a shortened course and here Ethan Horn took the honours. In the pic below we see Ethan, extreme left, getting ready to tee off with his four ball


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