Third Term 1st218 2023, 30 September 2023

On Saturday morning, 30 September, we decided to have our own “Ryder Cup” on the practice fairway. For both classes we split the youngsters into two teams, Europe and America. The youngsters and their parents, who caddied for them had a great time. In the early class Neil and I split the youngsters into the two teams but in the second class Hudson was captain of Team Europe and Ethan was captain of Team America, Hudson chose Yunal and Niskaya and Ethan chose Jaiden and Ekta.

The second class first played the practice fairway as a par 4 and then we shortened it to a 30 metre par 3. Unlike the Ryder Cup the youngsters had to finish the hole and the competition was tough but it was Team Europe who won by two shots

In the photo below we have the six players with their parents, Neil and I and in the video we have Hudson making his victory speech with Yunal and Niskaya standing with him

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