Fourth Term 1st218 2023, 04 November 2023

After a few weeks of miserable weather Saturday dawned bright and clear. Besides being able to get back on the range with the youngsters, it was a special day in Durban with the Springboks parading the Rugby World Cup through the city and suburbs

Neil and I decided to do pitching so we set up a hole surrounded with cones and had the youngsters pitch the ball to the hole. The first class did really well with Emma winning, Daniyaal second and Hudson third

In the second class the youngsters also played some great shots with the prize round being one of the best we’ve ever had as can be seen in the videos below. Hudson, who had a double class, went first and pitched about three meters from the hole, Ethan went next and hit his pitch about two and a half meters from the hole. Jaiden went last and yes, as the video shows, hit his chip to about two meters to take first prize. Below we see Ethan and Jaiden hitting their pitches


Jaiden and Ethan receiving their prizes from Neil

During the second class I took the opportunity to show Ethan, Jaiden and Hudson a new pitch shot that you would play from tight lies. As you can see in the video, you stand close to the ball, similar to a chip or bump and run shot, with the toe of the club on the ground and the heel of the club just off the ground. You start the club outside the line on the backswing and then cut across the ball. I have uploaded two videos, one in slow motion







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