Third Week of 1st218 2021, 06 February 2021

On Saturday we welcomed a new youngster to 1st218, Carter, and they all introduced themselves

Neil showing Carter “One step, two step” and me helping Jordan with his alignment

Connor playing a bump and run while I help Scott with his alignment

Then it was competition time, closest to the pin. Two right handers, Jordan and Scott who were my team, and two left handers, Carter and Connor who were Neil’s team, and it was Scott who won with a great shot

The second class we asked the youngsters to play lofted shots. We asked them to visualize and obstacle like a bunker or lake between the edge of the green and the pin. This was the first time we had done this lesson with the youngsters and they played some great shots. Unfortunately we didn’t get any action shots but there were some great shots played. We also had a young lady, Lily, make a welcome return to 1st218

Also for the first time we asked one of the youngsters to do prize giving and here is Liam, on the right, presenting Ashton with second prize

Matt, on the left, played a magnificent chip to walk away with first prize which he received from Liam

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