First Two Weeks of the 2021 1st218 Golf Year. 22 and 29 January 2021

The first two weeks of the First to Eighteen Gold Academy have been good. Week one we focused on putting and despite the youngsters having been away for two months we saw some good putting. The second week we did chipping around the green – bump and run – and again there some good shots. we even got one of the youngsters, Mikey, to play a flop shot. During the week I spent some time with Andrew and Mikey and we did some bunker play

During the Christmas holidays one of our youngsters, Jordan, went to the Berg with his parents where he played a round of golf with his Dad. Here we have Jordan teeing off on one of the beautiful par 4’s at Drakensberg Gardens

Jordan practicing his putting at home after the first lesson

Mikey playing a flop shot

During the week I helped Andrew and Mikey with some bunker shots. We worked on their bunker shots using the pizza with a boiled egg drill, where you draw a circle in the sand and make a little mound of sound to put the ball on. The idea of drawing a circle is to show where the club must enter the sand to blast the ball out. The small mound of sound for the ball is to help the youngsters gain confidence in blasting the ball out of the bunker. Here is Andrew playing a bunker shot

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