Sixth and Seventh Week of 1st218 Second Term, 22 and 29 May 2021

On Saturday, 22 May we did the longest and straightest shots with the youngsters using their seven irons and we saw some great shots. In the first class Carter walked away with the honours while Jordan and Ethan were tied for second

Ethan and Jordan receiving their prizes from Neil

Carter receiving his prize from Neil

In the second class it was Mikey second and Matt taking the win

Here we see Ashton playing his shot

Elijah’s turn to see if he can be in the prizes

Here we see Matt with the winning shot

Mikey receiving second prize from Neil

And Matt, the winner of the second class also receiving his prize from Neil

On Saturday, 29 May we set up two targets for the youngsters to aim at, the first target was 24 metres away and the second target was 62 metres away. Again we saw some great shots and it Jackson at his first golf lesson who won first prize with Carter second and Connor third

Conner receiving third prize from Neil

Carter receiving second prize from Neil

Jackson at his first golf lesson receiving first prize from Neil

For the second class there were two nearest the pin prizes, one for each target but before we tell you who the winners were a special presentation was made by long standing Royal Durban Golf Club member Bill Purcell who presented one of our new youngsters, Thapelo, with his own set of golf clubs. On behalf of Thapelo, 1st218 would like to thank you very much Bill for your generous donation

Thapelo with his Mom, Nana, and Bill Purcell

The second class were each given three golf balls. The first three shots were played to the close target and the next three to the longer target. By the time the “money round” came the youngsters had each hit 15 balls to each target. The “money round” consisted of each youngster hitting one ball to the close target and one ball to the longer target and it was Mikey who collected the prize for the close target and Jared who won the prize for the longer target

Mikey and Jared receiving their prizes from yours truly

When a youngster wins a prize he is required to make a speech, here are Mikey and Jared with their speeches

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