Fourth and Fifth Week of 1st218 Second Term, 08 and 15 May 2021

08 May saw Neil help the youngsters with their putting. Neil used stainless steel mirrors so the youngsters could could see their eyes over the ball when they’re putting. Having your eyes over the ball is key when putting so you can see the line properly. He also gave a very good visual of what clubs are used most by lying the driver, a few irons and the putter down with golf balls


Earlier in the week Carter had a lesson with me and here is one of his drives

On 15 May we did the bump and run, we had two targets, a long for a long and a short shot and some great shots were played. In the first class the youngsters were really getting the feel of how hard to hit the ball

In the second class we got the youngsters to play the bump and run with a hybrid, 7 iron and a wedge. The rationale behind this was to teach the youngsters feel and that the bump and run is not always played with a wedge. We also got the youngsters to play the hybrid out of the rough around the green where we also saw some good shots played

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