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The Super Dog Gang Adventures are a series of children’s stories inspired by the wonderful imagination of our nephew Christopher who regaled us with the adventures of his fluffy toys, six dogs and a Polar bear. In December 2005 Robin and I went to England to spend Christmas with my middle brother Howard, his wife Glenyss and their son Christopher who was five at the time. Every morning Christopher would come bounding upstairs dive into our bed and tell us about the adventures of his fluffy toys led by their able leader Ruffy. Toward the end of our holiday we said to Christopher that we will write about the adventures of his fluffy toys and so the Super Dog Gang was born

Along with the books we have made a colouring in book which is in two halves. The first half are the two stories “Super Dog Gang Go South” and “Pirate Bear Joins the Super Dog Gang” where children can read the stories and colour in the pictures. In the second half of the book we have removed the stories but left the pictures and the idea here is to encourage children to have fun writing their own stories while colouring in the pictures

We have tried to put a moral in each story and believe the books are ideal stories for youngsters to read and also to enhance their creative skills by colouring in the pictures while writing their own stories. At this stage the books are available in English and Zulu.

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