A Trip to the Bush, Thanda Private Game Reserve, July 2022

At the end of July Robin and I went to Thanda Private Reserve with her sister, Denise, and nephew Brad. We were met at the gate by a neatly dressed and well spoken guard who told us our guide, Janice, and tracker, Khaya, were on their way to pick us up. When Janice and Khaya arrived we climbed onto the vehicle with our suitcases and were taken the to the Tented Camp which was to be our home for the next two nights. On arrival at the Tented Camp we were greeted with a delicious cocktail by a very friendly and wonderfully efficient team who showed us around before being taken to our amazing accommodation.

Robin and I at the entrance to Thanda

After an excellent buffet lunch we chilled for and hour or so before being met again by Janice and Khaya for our evening game drive which was superb. It was amazing to sit on the game viewing vehicle and listen to Janice and Khaya, their knowledge of wildlife, birds and the bush is world class and Khaya’s tracking skills blew our mind. We saw elephant, several species of antelope and a few raptors. After our game drive we and the other guests who were from America, England and Scandinavia were treated to a fantastic display of traditional Zulu dancing in the boma before enjoying a real South African braai – barbecue

Khaya, Robin, Brad, Janice and Denise

Our morning game drive was absolutely brilliant. At 05:30 we set out to see what we could find and it wasn’t long before we came across a sub adult lioness. We sat with her for a while, then suddenly she stood up and started walking up the road so we followed her and she led us to and amazing sight. After the game drive Robin, Denise and Brad went for a massage which they raved about. During their massages they were treated to the sounds of the African bush with warthogs grunting, monkeys chattering and birds calling.

Setting off at 15:30 our afternoon game drive was just as awesome as our morning game drive and again we were treated to wonderful tales of the bush by Janice and Khaya. After our game drive we sat around the fire with a Scotch and discussed the day, what we had seen and our favorite moments before enjoying another wonderful buffet dinner. There is great saying and it is absolutely true, “Nothing clears the African dust from your throat like a Scotch”

On our final game drive with Janice and Khaya it was here where Khaya really showed what an amazing tracker he is. We driving along quite happily on a jeep track when he suddenly told Janice to stop the vehicle. He jumped down and picked up lion hair, he then looked around and saw the tracks in some sand about twenty metres away and said the lion had been in the area about half a hour before we got there. We as a group decided not to follow the tracks but head off in search of other game. Before we knew it, it was time to head back to camp for breakfast, say farewell to our wonderful hosts and come home

Thanda Private Reserve is a wonderful wildlife reserve, only three hours from Durban and well worth visiting

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