Fourth Term 1st218 2022

We started the fourth term with our usual putting lesson and have since done chipping, pitching, driving and revisited the putting green. This morning, Saturday, 19 November, someone very kindly put some circles on the putting green so Neil took advantage of their kindness and the youngsters had great fun putting. Here are a few pics of this mornings putting with Jaiden winning the first lesson and Connor winning the second lesson. Connor also won last weeks driving lesson, see below, so well done Connor on two wins in a row in the second class. You may notice I am wearing a stick on tattoo of a poppy on the inside of my left forearm, this is for Remembrance Day

Saturday, 19 November we asked the Youngsters what they wanted to do and the cry was unanimous – Driver, so driver is was. It was a comprehensive two lessons where, tee height, grip, alignment, stance, posture and ball position were discussed and demonstrated and ideally half the ball should be above the head of the driver. You will notice in the photo where I am addressing the ball as if to hit it, the ball is more toward the toe of the driver, this is because I lift the driver off the ground before I start my backswing. When I lift the driver off the ground the ball will be in the center of the face. Daniyaal, Hudson and Connor were the winners on the day for the longest and straightest drives

On Saturday, 12 November we did pitching. We put a hole with a flag about 30 metres away, the youngsters were asked to pitch to the hole and Josh was the winner on the day

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