Second Term 1st218, 22 & 29 April 2023

We have had two weeks of the new school term and both Saturday mornings have been on the putting green. Neil and I have also started what we call DnA – Distance and Accuracy – and the intention here is to focus on improving both accuracy and distance in all facets of the game, sinking longer putts and hitting your irons, hybrids and woods further and with greater accuracy. The first two weeks on the putting green we laid out some holes where we narrowed the entrance to the hole using tees and where the putts were required to stop closer to the hole. Below we see Jaiden sinking a putt at a hole we narrowed

Below are a few pics from April 22 including the winners of the putting competition Ana and Connor

On Saturday, 29 April we continued with putting, making the putts a little longer and more difficult and it was Kellen who took the honours in the first lesson and Ekta who took the honours in the second lesson

Here we see a few putts being rolled by Yusuf, Daniyaal, Kirana, Ethan and Ekta and Kellen and Ekta receiving their prizes from Neil

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