Second Term 1st218, 06 & 13 May 2023

After two weeks of the putting green, on Saturday, 06 May we moved to chipping where we continued to apply our new DnA – Distance and Accuracy principles. We gave the youngsters more of a challenge by giving them longer chips to smaller targets and they did really well. Ana, for the second time in three Saturdays took the prize in the first class while Jaiden won the competition in the second class

On Saturday, 13 May, we did pitching but with a difference, we introduced a new drill where we got the youngsters to chip the ball off a tee. The reason for this is when you play a pitch shot the bottom of the swing arc must be under the ball and if the ball isn’t clipped properly off the tee, the tee will give instant feedback by flying out of the ground or leaning forward. Here I am giving a demo on how to play the shot and if you look carefully you can see the tee still in the ground. In the video below is 4 year old Yusuf clipping the ball off the top of the tee and you can see how small Neil and I have made the target in line with our DnA program

Winners of the pitching competition were Kellen in the first class and Hudson in the second class

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