Eighth and Ninth Weeks of 1st218, First Class, 13 and 20 March 2021

Neil and I decided it was back to the putting green for Week 8 but only after we promised the youngsters they could hit their drivers on Week 9. Their target was a green cone and depending on which bay you standing in determined the length of the putt and the break so the youngsters changed bays every five putts. We also put two tees in the green to assist them bringing the putter back straight

Neil helping Surina putt

Jordan putting

Connor, one of our 2 lefties putting

Here we have Scott putting and in the pic below receiving his prize for winning on the day

Week 9’s driver lesson went really well and we had a another young lady, Carina, join us so we now have three girls. We only got one video of Jordan and here he is hitting it down the “fairway” and then claiming his prize for “The longest straightest drive”

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