Durban Cook Off

Eid and Cook off 037


Boys and girls let’s learn to cook
The chef’s a pro, no need to spook
We’ll all learn good food to make
Maybe even a little bread to bake

Beer and wine flowed like water
Wish the bar had a pint of porter
Starters, main course and a sweet
That my friends, is a real treat

Chickpea and feta pate to start
Come on guys let’s play our part
Chopping onions makes us cry
We’d rather watch the bacon fry

Fresh ingredients are poured in the bowl
Mixing and mashing, we’ll share the role
Cutting bread rounds is an easy task
No doubt for the pate I heard one ask

Come outside and taste you wares
This could be sold at playground fairs
Oohs and Ahs are what Cheffies after
And a silent prayer is sent to St Martha

Back to the kitchen tables we go
Folks it’s time to knead dough
Some will knead and some will mix
Please don’t break the mixing sticks

Milk and eggs and all things nice
Are mixed together in a trice
Put on the stove and brought to the boil
It’s not quite the end of our evening toil

The kneaded dough is nice and fat
It’s got to be rolled it until its flat
Through the roller five or six times
Now to make pasta Cheffie chimes

Nice thin strips are cut by the machine
Did you guys remember the aubergine
Into the pot the pasta goes
Now pour the sauce says she who knows

Four short minutes is all it takes
Soon it will be high stakes
Bacon and carbonara is our pride and joy
The other teams Tomato and Chourizo, oh boy

Ladies and Gents the food’s fit for a king
Sit right down and do your thing
Wash it down with a glass of good red
Too much more will put me to bed

Custard slices are last on the menu
At this really classic venue
Vanilla and cardamom and chocolate smarties
Are fillings for you my fresh faced hearties

With satisfied stomachs it’s time to go
Could have done with a double espresso
What’s the next course we want to know
Our cooking abilities we want to grow

Antony Moller
September 2010

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