Building Houses



Building houses for the poor
Will let them open a new door
Mixing mortar, laying bricks
Good to learn a few new tricks

Wheeling barrows full of dhugga
Brickies shouting hurry you bugger
Trowels clank and mortar flies
Lay those bricks the foreman cries

Breaking backs sweating stacks
Pass the water Harry quacks
Eating tripe which smells like shyte
Bring the beer we’d rather get tight

The foreman’s shouting to go higher
Come on guys get hot wired
Got to get the scaffolding raised
Watch those fingers don’t get grazed

Everyone’s now all nice and dirty
Not to mention very thirsty
Dust in your ears, dust in your nose
Orange overalls just right for the pose

Come on teams the foreman goads
You’ve nearly reached your daily goals
Five hundred bricks is quite a task
For amateurs like us it’s a big ask

At last the boss mans whistle blows
And we’ve worked very hard it shows
The walls are now above window height
Tomorrow new teams take up the fight

It’s all a bunch of smiling faces
As the bus toward Durban races
We’ll remember this for a day or two
As aching muscles our bods don’t do

It’s all for a good cause there’s no doubt
Many happy faces will be out and about
For all I’m sure got some reward
To see those less fortunate move forward

Antony Moller
September 2010

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