Third Term 1st218, 29 July & 05 August 2023

Saturday, 29 July dawned bright and clear with a warm but gentle breeze. The order of the day was chipping, or the “bump and run shot” as some like to call it. We spoke the youngsters through how to play the chip shot explaining to them how important this shot is by being able to chip the ball close enough to the hole to ensure you only need one putt, then I gave a few demonstrations. Both classes chipped the ball really well and played some great shots. In the early class it was Hudson who won the “money round” and Niskaya who won in the second class

Here we see Hudson and Niskaya getting their prizes from Neil

Saturday, 05 August, like the previous Saturday, dawned bright and clear with a warm but gentle breeze. Where the previous Saturday we did the bump and run shot this Saturday we concentrated on the short pitch shot. Neil and I set up a target “green” about 25 metres away for the youngsters to pitch to. Both classes played some great chips the brothers Daniyaal and Youssef coming first and second in the first class and Ethan winning the second class

The youngsters in their bays with their clubs getting ready for the chipping class

Giving a demo playing the pitch shot. It did come up a bit short but it was my first shot of the day, the next one was in the circle


In the two videos below we have Jaiden and Ethan playing their chip shots in the competition round

The three pics below are Youssef, Daniyaal and Ethan collecting their prizes from Neil


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