Sixth Week of 1st218, Second Class, 27 February 2021

Like the First Class, the Second Class also played the hole as we had set it out. We saw some great shots off the tee and also into the green with one of the youngsters hitting his drive onto the front edge of the green. Unfortunately he hit his bump and run in the teeth and the ball flew over the green into the rough behind the green and that is one of the reasons Neil and I focus so much on the short game. As someone once said “Amateurs practice until they get it right, Pro’s practice until they can’t get it wrong”

Unfortunately we didn’t get any videos of the youngsters but it was Matt who won in a play off against Quade with Andrew third after beating Mikey in a play off

Matt getting his prize from Neil

Quade getting second prize from Neil

Andrew getting third prize from Neil

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