Second Term 1st218, 03 & 10 June 2023

Saturdays, 03 an 10 June, were the days for hybrids and drivers and there were some great shots. In keeping with our DnA – distance and accuracy focus – Neil and I put a line of cones down the practice area and the youngsters had to keep their shots as close to the cones as possible. When it came to the competition round the youngsters had to nominate which cone they were hitting to and they surprised us with how well they did. I would also like to add that we have seen great sportsmanship among the youngsters with them regularly congratulating one another on great shots hit

Dasarah hitting a great shot with her her hybrid

Connor hitting a great shot with his hybrid

Our competition winners in the early class on 03 June were Kirana and Fatimaah and Hudson and Niskaya in the second class

On Saturday, 10 June, the youngsters all went for their drivers and produced a great display of driving. Neil suggested I demonstrate the setup and then hit a drive before we started. In the early class Kellen, Ana, Fatimaah and Hudson show us how it’s done with Daniyaal showing us how it’s done in the second class. In the early Ana came second with Hudson taking first prize while Connor came second in the second class with Ethan winning. Connor also won the R100-00 bonus for knocking over the cone he nominated during the class, well done Connor. We also managed to get a photo of the parents with their youngsters

In the videos below


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