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Durban Cook Off

DURBAN COOK OFF  Boys and girls let’s learn to cook The chef’s a pro, no need to spook We’ll all learn good food to make Maybe even a little bread to bake Beer and...


A post about Golf

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Building Houses

BUILDING HOUSES Building houses for the poor Will let them open a new door Mixing mortar, laying bricks Good to learn a few new tricks Wheeling barrows full of dhugga Brickies shouting hurry you...


Beautiful Dinant

BEAUTIFUL DINANT Beautiful, beautiful Dinant in the Meuse Valley High above the city the Citadel stands guard While the Notre Dame beckons for all to come and pray Sax and Wiertz contemplate another gorgeous...


Books – The Super Dog Gang Adventures

The Super Dog Gang Adventures are a series of children’s stories inspired by the wonderful imagination of our nephew Christopher who regaled us with the adventures of his fluffy toys, six dogs and a...


Riding in Underberg

 15 Friends gathered in Underberg to celebrate the New Year with a long weekend of mountain biking, paddling – we won’t dwell on that after I nearly drowned Charlie in a pumping Umzimkulu River,...

Nkosi Uchakide Finds The Truth. 0

Nkosi Uchakide Finds The Truth.

Nkosi Uchakide Finds The Truth is a children’s book about a Fire Fighter who finds great happiness when he discovers Happy Science. Founded in Japan in 1986 by Master Ryuho Okawa the mission of Happy Science is...

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