ANDREW, 22 February 2021

Last week we had Andrew pitching into the green from about 50 metres and this week he hit his 7 iron. Like last week we started off with Andrew stroking a few putts and then some very short pitches before going to the nets to hit his 7 iron. We also used the opportunity to play some bump and run shots out of the net back to where Andrew was hitting his 7 iron from. Last week I made a small adjustment to Andrew’s grip and you could see the positive effect it had when he hit the ball, he hit the ball quite a lot straighter and sweeter. We always say to the youngsters when they hit a great shot “I bet that felt like you hit a marshmallow” and Andrew must have hit a whole packet of marshmallows with his 7 iron

Here are two of his 7 iron shots and you can hear how well he struck them and how soft the ball came off the club face

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